Small-scale local low emission enterprising will not get going as long as:

  • (a) all resources are locally in the possession of private owners,
  • (b) such an entrepreneur has to struggle through a trajectory of establishment norms and training requirements to legitimately produce bread or dairy or vegetables on a small scale (low-tech and manual) and to distribute them car-free, or to practice basic crafts without specialization,
  • (c) such an enterprise has to bear the health burdens of elderly people who all seek to attain the age of 100 at any cost,
  • (d) they are forced to fund pension provisions of elderly people who all want to reach the age of 100, while they themselves can hardly rely on survival twenty years down the road,
  • (e) they have to give ear to the advice of so-called supportive technicians who propagate and defend the high tech setups of the well-established companies with a high-emission business model.
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