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Why plan X? 

With the climate deteriorating sharply, more and more voices are calling for an emergency stop on the use of fossil fuels, regardless of the economic price to be paid. But how can such an immediate change be conceivable in societies where the question of who should pay the climate price has been blocking any introduction of restrictive measures for 20 years?
Because I did publish a lot about structural socio-economic change, I recently wrote a short plan X (1050 words, see link to pdf below), in which I introduce the three economic interaction attributes with which you can realize that emergency stop.

Why short?
I wrote Plan X for climate groups. Their intention is to mobilize everyone to a certain orientation by protest. As I see it, the time has come that they enrich their message in a significant way. Why?

Well, we are starting to get stuck enormously, not only in terms of living, feeding and moving, but also technically, scientifically and morally, because while reality collapses, the intellectual elite continues to pursue their own dreams and those of their bosses. This leading class is completely taken hostage by the daily game of mutual conquest of markets, customers, resources, power and prestige, regardless of the consequences.
They are trapped in that tunnel of winning and conquering. All nice until the moment that hell gently enters from the back door, as is the case now, and starts the killing. In the meantime nobody framed or developed a clear plan B with which we can face and manage an emergency stop.

Try to see Plan X from that perspective. It’s a package of easily communicable elements that can be applied to enrich the XR message as we move forward.

For Plan X English version follow this link to a plan-X-English.pdf.
A dutch version is also published at with the title Plan X, het komt er aan.



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