Solid Societal Solutions to Stop Climate Change 

The life chances of humans on earth are shrinking rapidly. Almost everyone is beginning to be seriously worried about this. It is not without reason that conversations about our future increasingly build up to the phrase: “The ship will hit the rocks”. In the meantime, living conditions become more extreme, unpredictable and dangerous and everyone feels increasingly threatened, which fuels the urge to fight and strike back.

All this could well mean that a thundercloud of rebellions is in the making. Perhaps primarily to express helplessness; perhaps to save what can still be saved. Anyway: Every rebellion needs orientation. That’s what this book is about. About the existence we can still pursue to avoid extinction.

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This book is published 09 April 2024 by Eburon Academic Publishers (Utrecht, The Netherlands) in both paperback and ebook versions. It is an author's translation of a revision of the Dutch book Basisideeën voor een social fix van het klimaatprobleem published 9 Sept 2023 by Eburon.
A low-cost ebook (pdf) is available here on the publisher's website. Creating an account is not required for payment and delivery.
A paperback version is also available; shipping is possible to any country.
Also obtainable from Amazon.


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