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Afwendbaar is a European group
of climate activists looking for clues on
how to implement societal solutions
to avert a fatal climate collapse

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Old Joe wants to impress the ladies (Annalena, Liz, Ursula, and Nancy), and show them how strong his love is.

I'll be the moon when the sun goes down,
just to let you know that I'm still around
I'll be the rainbow after WW3 and climate have made humanity gone,
wrap you in my colors and keep you warm
That's how strong my love is, babes

But he speaks with a dangerous double tongue. Because if he had rigorously applied this right of self-determination of countries and peoples - which he constantly invokes with regard to Ukraine and Taiwan - to the Palestinian people since he took office and had rigorously opposed the Israeli policy of invasion of Palestinian territories (and/or had ceased his continuous arms support to Israel), Shireen would still be alive.

The show Biden is staging (see his UN speech) was once accurately described by Williams as "The routine lust for land, markets or security became justifications for noble rhetoric about prosperity, liberty and security."

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